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Step One

The first step in our admissions process is to complete and email our enrollment application to Once the application and application fee are received, parents will be contacted to arrange a virtual meeting. Parents are encouraged to share any assessments their child has received beforehand.

BCCL Enrollment Application 

Step Two

A virtual meeting is held for parents to learn more about our school. If it is determined that their child may benefit from BCCL's approach, parents may proceed and have their child attend an Experience Week with us.

Step Three

The Experience Week allows BCCL to assess a child's math, reading, writing, and social skills so that they can participate in daily lessons based on their skill level. Teachers develop a rapport with each prospective student with the goal of understanding their learning style and specific needs. 

Our goal is to ensure that our school environment will be a good fit for each child. Once a placement is offered, parents are provided a Family Handbook and an enrollment contract for the upcoming school year.

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