Open House:

March 13, 2021

Time: 9:00am - 11:00am

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Personalised Learning 

Welcome to BCCL

The Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning began in 2015, with a focus of

"Changing the conversation about learning differences in Bermuda." 

"I definitely think Bermuda has been waiting for a school like BCCL. Children with learning differences have been placed in different programmes and it was not working. BCCL allows children to have programs that are designed for them. I like the environment and the approach the staff use. This is the type of school an Occupational Therapist feels at home in. Thank you very much for this . Bermuda is grateful."


Moffat Mokomo,

Occupational Therapist, Child and Adolescent Services 

“T​he teachers are passionate about administering strategies that help their students to think critically for themselves. It is a place where all students are treated equally. T​here is a strong communication between staff, other professionals, parents and students. T​here are clear goals and expectations which makes learning more empowering. T​he rooms are organized, clean, large, opened for movement with a purpose.​The school embraces parental and community involvement"


Yvonne West.,

Speech-Language Pathologist, Beyond Words Bermuda

"Bermuda Centre For Creative Learning (BCCL) provides children with language-based learning difficulties a place where they can grow, thrive, and let their talents, skills, and personalities shine. The small student-to-teacher ratio and supportive classroom environment encourages students to develop confidence in communicating and to use their executive function skills to problem solve and develop their own strategies for learning. The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, and committed to ensuring that every student meets their true potential. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I proudly support the tireless efforts made by the staff at BCCL  - Bermuda's children desperately need more of this type of learning environment."


Kimberly McIvor, 

Speech-Language Pathologist, APEX Allied Health, Ltd.