Enrollment Process

Prospective parents can contact us on +1 (441) 824-1111, email admissions@bccl.bm, or fill out this form and then complete the following steps:

Step One

A school tour and meeting is arranged with parents, allowing them to learn the school philosophy, curriculum, and how BCCL meets students' IEP (Individual Education Plan) goals. Parents share their child's assessments prior to this meeting or afterwards.

Step Two

Student assessments are reviewed to determine if the school can meet the needs of the child. Parents complete an enrolment application and submit an application fee to proceed with the enrolment process.

Step Three

Once eligibility is determined, BCCL requires that prospective students spend a week at the school involved in daily activities. Informal observation and an assessment of English and math skill levels is completed at this time.

Our goal is to ensure that our school environment will be a good fit for each child. Once a placement is offered, parents are provided a Family Handbook and an enrolment contract for the upcoming school year.