Prior to enrolling at BCCL, most students have been in a traditional learning environment that has not met their needs. Before the enrollment process begins, students are required to be assessed on island or away and be diagnosed with learning differences such as dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, ADHD and other language-based disorders.  


Skill levels are determined by an initial in-house assessment. Students are able to continue and or receive support on-site from the Reading Clinic, speech and language, occupational and physio therapists. Parents supplement the costs for these services in addition to the school tuition.


BCCL follows the UK National Curriculum along with the International Primary Curriculum and Middle Years Curriculum, which prepare students for the next stages of their education. 

At the heart of each student is the desire to be in a comfortable setting, allowing them alternative seating options and space to work. 

Students work in small groups covering English and math daily. IPC and IMYC units follow a theme and incorporate science, history, geography, art, technology, theories of music and physical education. Bermuda history is also a focus.


As a community based school, visiting local stores, businesses and organisations, as well as having guest speakers come in to share their expertise, engages students in their learning. These experiences tie directly to the curriculum. 





Students learn that engaging in daily exercise is healthy. Research has shown that incorporating exercise and movement throughout the school day increases students’ level of engagement in activities. 


Physical education and mindfulness, as well as social and emotional learning skills groups, are provided each day. Yoga and swimming at the National Stadium (fall and spring) occur once per week. These holistic activities are all a part of student life at BCCL.